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Before You Dig


1) Q: Can I connect my sump pump, roof leaders, and/or downspouts to the sanitary sewer line?

A: No. This is against U.S.T. Ordinance #234 that prohibits the introduction of storm water into the sanitary sewer system. This ordinance, passed in 1984, carries a maximum fine of $1,000.00 per day and 90 days imprisonment.

2) Q: What activities in my home use the most water?

Toilet flushing


Bath & shower






Cooking and Drinking


Bathroom sink


3) Q: Where does the water go after it goes down the drain?

A: If you are connected to the sewer system, all the drains in your home are connected to a single pipe that leads to the street. The pipe in the street collects wastewater from other homes in town and flow to a large pumping station. Since we do not have a treatment plant, we pump our wastewater to the City of Philadelphia, through Lower Southampton Twp. There the water is treated and cleaned.

4) Q: Where does the Water Authority get its water from?

A: The Water Authority gets about 80% of our water from North Penn/North Wales. About 20% comes from three deep municipal wells throughout town.

5) Q: What is the procedure & cost for Certification?

A: Certification request including property address, owner & buyer names, date of settlement, fax # to send final bill can be sent to

    Fax: 215-364-9410
    Mail: PO Box 481, Southampton, PA 18966-0481

Certification Fee $100